Wurlitzer CD/RADIO Jukebox Replica
W/Optional external speakers and cabinet!
Radio: $380
Speakers: $130
Cabinet: $100
Electric Indian Roadmaster Replica
Car Capsule vehicle storage system
(Continuous air flow)
Various sizes for all cars and bikes!
ACE Spot Blaster/Vacuum
No Dust Cloud!
No Big Messes!
Mobil Gas Pump 
Complete w/All internal parts!
Electric Scooter
Perfect for getting around large auction sites!
Turn signals, headlights, horn, and handbrake!
Various Pedal Cars
$300 - $400
Various Neon Signs
Round Type $400
Fiberglass Replica w/Actual 62 Impala rear seat!
Working Tail lights!
Texaco Collection
Buy everything together or as a set!
All restored originals
Entire collection w/Big Pump: $7,900
Entire collection w/Small Replica Pump: $5,700
1930 Tricycle Replicas
w/Working headlights! (battery operated)
Red Skyking: $325
Black Roadhog: $375
Various Pedal Cars and Neon Signs
Various Neon Signs
$200 - $400
(Different from previous Neon Signs)


Neon Clock
Original Best Buy roadrunners sign.
Gearbox 1920 Replica Gas pumps.
City of Chicago Walk/Don't walk Light.
Restored Original Oil Cans.
Various Memorabilia Various Neon Can Type Signs
Loft-IT Lift
Holds up to 1,000 Lbs.
Various License Plates
1932 - 1989

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